Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life is not worth living

Johnny Depp is getting married!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

legal life...

Christchurch is a very small town when it comes to lawyers. 400,000 people live in the city, but you can fit the names of all of the lawyers here onto one sheet of A4 paper (the first time I saw my name on that piece of paper was pretty cool). Everyone knows each other, everyone knows which associate is sleeping with which partner at which firm (the rules of professional conduct prevent me from saying more on that one, but it's a juicy story), and the strange thing about being part of a "profession" is that you can have a huge argument with someone on the phone or face them in court one day, and go out drinking with them the next.

I still find it weird to have people I know on the other end of a dispute or negotiation though. Often these people have been teachers or mentors in the past, on the one hand you want to be nice to them but on the other you want to be as professional as possible to impress them and let them know their teaching hasn't gone to waste! It is definitely a strange world I live in...

What does "profession" mean to you? In my law school ethics class (a compulsory course, you will be pleased to learn) we discussed this and decided that essential elements of a profession are:
1. Independent/self-governing
2. Fiduciary relationship with clients
3. Code of ethics
4. Specialised knowledge/training (this sort of leads to the fiduciary relationship as clients have to put trust in you to know what you are doing)

I count lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants, surveyors, and engineers as "professionals". Some people would widen that a lot further, to include teachers, nurses, etc etc. What do you think?

ETA: I wish you anonymous commenters would identify yourselves! Also, I promise a reply to anyone who leaves their email address.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


On Wednesday it will be six weeks since the Fall 2006 IK was mailed to me. Should I be worried that it hasn't arrived yet?

I also have a parcel missing, from the Craftster tea swap. I suspect the people at Customs have been drinking some very nice tea lately...

I do apologise for the lack of meaningful updates. The usual reasons - too busy having a life. Lots and lots of dancing (yesterday I learned the Charleston! plus demo practices, teaching, latin american, the list goes on), dance parties, work, movies, and, er, a little bit of romance (yes, that's all I'm saying for now!)

Sizzle has been ripped a couple of times but is now coming along well, when I have time to knit it anyway. I've almost finished the back. Will try to post pictures soon!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Down with socks!

I'm sorry, I tried. Maybe if the weather was still cold, but now that it's warm and my yarn has arrived, there's only one thing I want to knit:

Sizzle! So poor Baudelaire is languishing somewhat. I don't even have second sock syndrome, I have first sock syndrome!

I'll probably finish them next winter, but I must admit I'm not a convert to sock knitting. At least I tried it, right? Even weatherpixie agrees: it's just not sock knitting weather. (and that's at 7am! It's going to be a great day!)

It's Spring, and life is good!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Freaky Tuesday!

Am I the *only* person who didn't hear or feel the explosion?

My mum called a few minutes ago to say "are you ok?" Apparently there was some huge explosion that shook her whole school, so that everyone ran outside to see what it was (or what the kids had been up to!). Then Dad called and he'd felt and heard it over the other side of town too. Unfortunately my building is earthquake-proof and double-glazed, and I was in the toilet at the time anyway. No one here felt it!

Anyway, for a second I was like "Christchurch? They wouldn't..... would they?" I know, silly huh? What a thing to happen on the anniversary of September 11 though!

(turns out it's probably space junk, but emergency services have been sent to investigate)

Knitty is up!

And it's a goodie!


O happy day. Summer knitting may commence!

(one of the needles came out of Baudelaire in my bag. I'll try and finish the socks, but don't hold your breath).

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I got a jury summons!

I know this sounds dumb but I always wanted to be on a jury. Now I'm crushed.

Ah, Monday

I've been here half an hour and I don't think I've really done any work yet...

The show went well - it was only a two night run, which is always good. On Saturday there was a lot of drinking in the wings, which suprisingly made for a much better show. Friday's show ran smoothly but on Saturday the energy levels were higher, everyone who sang sang better, everyone who played played better etc etc. I'd had three glasses of wine by our last skit, which everyone said was the best one (maybe because they'd also had three glasses of wine by that stage). But actually I think it's because I was a lot more relaxed for it, I just really nailed the timing and delivery. It was fun being back on stage and everyone's keen to make it an annual event now.

I had a picnic on Saturday but unfortunately the weather failed us and it was miserably cold! We had one blanket under us and one blanket over us! That, the show and two dance practices kept me busy all day Saturday. Andrew saw our demo (which he mainly choreographed) for the first time since coming home from a month away. I was really nervous as I'd been in charge while he was away. But he loved it! I'm very relieved.

Sunday was brunch with the girls, trying (and giving up) to find a free tennis court somewhere in the city with Rose, and dinner with a friend.

When will my life ever slow down? Will I ever get to eat a meal at home again? Will I ever get home before 10pm? Will my summer yarn and Fall IK ever turn up? Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

quiet = busy

I've been quiet of late. I seem to recall formulating a drunken post on Friday but must have thought better of it and closed the window. Either that, or failed to find the "publish post" button!

Work has been very busy as the legal exec on my team is away, so much of her work has been falling to me. I've also had to leave at 5:30 every day which has been tough - usually if I have lots of work, I can just stay until it is done. But this week I have been rehearsing for "La Muse" - a show that a bunch of us lawyers are putting on tomorrow and on Saturday in the Christ's College Theatre. I would tell you to come along, but it costs $25. So go and see The Writer's Quest for More than a Middle instead. Be quick - it finishes tomorrow!

I finished my mini-Clapotis. Photos after I block it and weave the ends in. Oh how I loathed knitting that thing - why is it such a favourite among knit bloggers? I found it incredibly tedious, but that said it was a good choice for the yarn I used.

Now I'm doing a few snatches of the Baudelaire socks when I can (usually late at night, so I have to tink back in the morning when I realise my mistakes) and desperately waiting for my summer yarn to arrive. As well as my Fall IK, which still isn't here and probably won't arrive until it really is autumn!