Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ah, Monday

I've been here half an hour and I don't think I've really done any work yet...

The show went well - it was only a two night run, which is always good. On Saturday there was a lot of drinking in the wings, which suprisingly made for a much better show. Friday's show ran smoothly but on Saturday the energy levels were higher, everyone who sang sang better, everyone who played played better etc etc. I'd had three glasses of wine by our last skit, which everyone said was the best one (maybe because they'd also had three glasses of wine by that stage). But actually I think it's because I was a lot more relaxed for it, I just really nailed the timing and delivery. It was fun being back on stage and everyone's keen to make it an annual event now.

I had a picnic on Saturday but unfortunately the weather failed us and it was miserably cold! We had one blanket under us and one blanket over us! That, the show and two dance practices kept me busy all day Saturday. Andrew saw our demo (which he mainly choreographed) for the first time since coming home from a month away. I was really nervous as I'd been in charge while he was away. But he loved it! I'm very relieved.

Sunday was brunch with the girls, trying (and giving up) to find a free tennis court somewhere in the city with Rose, and dinner with a friend.

When will my life ever slow down? Will I ever get to eat a meal at home again? Will I ever get home before 10pm? Will my summer yarn and Fall IK ever turn up? Stay tuned!


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