Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sarah's first socks!

Look! I made socks! Ok, they're in the 3 month size and destined to live on Nico's little feet as soon as they're not quite as little as they currently are (he's 8 weeks, but moving into 3 month clothes already). They're from the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for Beginners book, which is a pattern written for two needles but I adapted it to knit them on 4. Quite ambitious for a first sock attempt, I thought! Although having knit booties before it was too much of a stretch. They took about 3-4 hours on Sunday afternoon.

I do apologise, I took these photos very late at night and I was half asleep.... I was watching Flashdance when I knit this baby sweater. That should explain a few things!


Anonymous nicole said...

What a feeling! Lucky baby.

5:17 PM  

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