Wednesday, September 06, 2006

quiet = busy

I've been quiet of late. I seem to recall formulating a drunken post on Friday but must have thought better of it and closed the window. Either that, or failed to find the "publish post" button!

Work has been very busy as the legal exec on my team is away, so much of her work has been falling to me. I've also had to leave at 5:30 every day which has been tough - usually if I have lots of work, I can just stay until it is done. But this week I have been rehearsing for "La Muse" - a show that a bunch of us lawyers are putting on tomorrow and on Saturday in the Christ's College Theatre. I would tell you to come along, but it costs $25. So go and see The Writer's Quest for More than a Middle instead. Be quick - it finishes tomorrow!

I finished my mini-Clapotis. Photos after I block it and weave the ends in. Oh how I loathed knitting that thing - why is it such a favourite among knit bloggers? I found it incredibly tedious, but that said it was a good choice for the yarn I used.

Now I'm doing a few snatches of the Baudelaire socks when I can (usually late at night, so I have to tink back in the morning when I realise my mistakes) and desperately waiting for my summer yarn to arrive. As well as my Fall IK, which still isn't here and probably won't arrive until it really is autumn!


Anonymous nicole said...

Hey, I never thought about that. You get the US (and English) knitting mags off season. Is that annoying or do you feel like you can get a jump on the season?

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Anonymous krn said...

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