Tuesday, April 10, 2007


hehe, I shouldn't really complain about having to come back to work on a Wednesday, should I?

The weekend was fantastic, thank you Wellington for saving up some sun for me and making me want to come back there. I really did dance until I dropped and it was great. I even made it on to national television! (I'm about halfway through, in the background - I wouldn't have even known except a workmate spotted me. It's fun watching the video though as there are so many familiar faces!)

I have almost finished my second Sizzle, so stay tuned for pictures. After that I have a hat to knit for a certain dance partner of mine, and then I will be trying very hard to use up some random stash yarn. I finish work on Friday so that means more knitting time for me! Oh, and trip planning. Oh yeah.

Show me some cool knitting - what is the best knitted thing you guys have seen lately?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh now I saw you, you're the only one not dancing!

Wow Albert Torres :) Provide me with videos, pretty please.


3:26 AM  

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