Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Knitting content!

No, I haven't been doing much knitting lately. I would really like to get through some of the stash before I leave, but then I may not even be able to take the things I knit with me, and that would be sad.

Knits I am definitely taking:
Cabled Hoodie
Sizzle (x2 if I ever finish the new one I am knitting!)
Hourglass pullover
Zhivago cardigan

I get the most wear out of the Zhivago cardi and the cabled hoodie so I will definitely take them - I will probably wear the hoodie on the plane! The Zhivago cardi as a spring cardigan will also be quite useful after touchdown, but I may put the Hourglass into a suitcase for my parents to bring over later in the year, along with maybe my newsboy hat and a scarf or two.

I'll be leaving the Lace Leaf Pullover behind - it was a fun knit but it's boxy and just doesn't look any good on me. Maybe I can find it a new wearer before I leave. There are another couple of sweaters I think I'll leave behind too.. I should also do something about my stash - sell or give away anything I don't want to knit before I leave.

Of course, all this not being able to knit has not stopped me from dreaming about what I WANT to be knitting. I've added these to my "future knits" set on Flickr. I really want to knit myself a blanket, so I may make that a long-term project. Also, the Dollar and a Half cardigan that everyone's keen on from the latest IK, Thermal from Knitty and since I won't be having a winter for a while I'm still very keen to knit Rusted Root. I may also be able to knit Le Slouch before I leave... Then when winter hits I'd like to knit something warm and snuggly like Flicca, Josephine, or Starsky. (pics of everything are on flickr, I haven't bothered to link all of them).


Blogger Queen Frogger said...

You have some great projects on the go , and want to makes! Just get a container to bring it all over!!! Best wishes with the packing, I,ve been through that more than once!!

5:29 AM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Hi Sarah, Good luck with your move! Forgive the mistake on NZ--in 2004? no needles allowed...haven't managed a return trip yet!

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Eclair said...

Hi Sarah! Back in the land of the Blogging. I'll post if you do!

Hope the rain isn't heading your way...

8:34 PM  

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