Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bad Amazon!

I posted earlier about how happy I was with Amazon's service.

Not so much now.

See, back then a cd ordered from Amazon was stolen from my mailbox before I got home. Not quite knowing what I could do about this, I emailed Amazon to let them know. They said they would refund me and re-order the item. Brilliant! They also said that as the cost of return shipping was prohibitive I did not need to return the item. Well, as I never had the item returning it would have been impossible anyway, so all good.

Today I received an email stating that as I had not returned it, they had charged my credit card for it. If I did return it they would refund this amount.

WTF? I have sent an email to them enclosing a copy of the original email they sent me. Stay tuned for the result. I would really love to keep shopping with Amazon...


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