Tuesday, December 05, 2006

la la la

I'm at work and I want to go home. Of course, the sooner I actually get my A into G and do some work, the sooner I get to go home, but you know how it goes.

So you get a bullet-point procrastination post:
  • Amazon: have already established that they are awesome, but it bears repeating.
  • Clients: sigh.
  • Dance teaching: is over for the year. I have been paid, but unfortunately not nearly enough. The whole point of me doing this particular paid teaching gig was to earn enough money to pay my taxes. Unfortunately I've been underpaid and also they got my tax code wrong so the whole exercise would have actually resulted in me having to pay even *more* taxes. Have resolved to quit work as then I won't have to pay tax.
  • Must stop whining though as a couple of phone calls later and I was assured the problem will be fixed.
  • IRD: (tax department) a real human answered the phone! Unless they've made startling advances in voice recognition and artificial intelligence technology. They didn't put me on hold or anything.
  • This really is a money-themed post. Ex-flatmate still hasn't paid my bond back, the estimate has changed from last weekend (ie 1 1/2 weeks ago) to yesterday, to today, and now I am assured I will have my money (or whatever is left over after she thinks up heaps of excuses to keep it) on Friday. Is it any coincidence that Friday is the day after payday? I'm sure it's not - she can't possibly have spent money that was never hers to spend. Have been getting rather hard-line with her though - which is so easy to do when sticking up for other people but much harder to do when it's myself. Easier when I don't give a stuff about preserving the relationship though.
  • In good money news, I get my Christmas bonus tomorrow.
  • By the time I get home, the latest episode of Gilmore Girls should have downloaded. This is something to look forward to.
  • Must also take picture of Christmas party dress for you all to advise on accessories.


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