Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Life has had its ups and downs lately. I think I'll feel a lot better after I move this weekend. My last moving experience was about as stressful as you can imagine, and moving's supposed to be the third most stressful thing after death of a loved one and a breakup, and oh I've had one of those too. It wasn't a bad one as far as breakups go, but a breakup's a breakup, right?

Internet at home is almost nonexistent thanks to a fault with my modem. It works if I unscrew my case, unscrew my modem, take it out, put it back in, and screw everything back together again. Then I can use it for about half an hour (if I'm lucky) until the whole thing conks out again. Not really worth it. Hooray for having broadband in my new flat! Hopefully we will set up a wireless network so I can use my laptop in my room.

I'm also very much looking forward to gardening again. I hope the weather's good on Sunday!

Knitting has pretty much ground to a halt. I started knitting Dad's socks but haven't made much progress. The shop only had metal needles in the size I needed and they really make my hands and wrists hurt. Maybe I should just abandon them and buy him something for Christmas. He's actually one of the easiest to buy for too - you just get him music or a biography. Maybe I should push on with the cardigan as I do want to wear it to my friend's wedding in January.

Work is work. Accelerating rapidly towards Christmas - clients who have been thinking about getting things done all year suddenly call and want everything done at once!

Dancing is great. The university classes I teach are over for the year, and there are only two weeks left of my night school classes - tonight and next week. Numbers have dropped in the night school classes thanks to torrential rain the week before last (and if they skip one class they don't tend to come back..) but the ones who are left are really enjoying it. They're all going to come out dancing one night next week! I really need to figure out what I'm going to teach them tonight....

Also, I'm in a dance troupe and our first performance is next week! The practices have really become the highlight of my week. It's a great group and we all leave buzzing. Incredibly good for fitness too - I am the incredible shrinking woman at the moment and my abs are probably better than they were when I was 18 and didn't need to make an effort!

So, no pictures sorry because whenever I try to upload them I get booted off the internet. But I did manage to put some up on Flickr I think so head over there if you like.


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Fingers crossed for a good move this weekend then!

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