Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I think the most important job a lawyer can do is to write someone's will.

I used to think free wills were a good thing, because it is very important that people have wills so as a service to society we should include wills with other work we do for clients. However, I have come to think that giving free wills makes the actual value of them seem less to both the client and the lawyer. It is an extremely important document and what we do end up charging for them compared to its actual value is still pretty low, when you think about it.

One of the scariest things I do in my job is to draft wills that I know are going to be used, and probably some time soon. I am working on one will in particular that is not only going to be used in New Zealand, but will probably see the inside of courtrooms all over the place since the guy has assets everywhere. That many judges looking at my work freaks me out. Not to mention the whole people dying thing (don't worry, I don't say this stuff to the widows. Other, more compassionate members of this firm deal with the actual estates!).

It's times like this that I keep in mind a mantra a very good lawyer told me once:

At least we're not doctors.

At least we're not doctors.

At least we're not doctors....


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