Thursday, November 02, 2006

Public Service Announcement

Me and Antonio are back together.

For anyone who doesn't know, Antonio was my dance partner, until I dumped him. Which was a stupid move, since Antonio is perfect. He never, EVER steps on my feet, he's suave, sexy, an incredible dancer, tall, dark, handsome, 3 inches taller than me, and oh DID I MENTION those abs? He is the perfect gentleman and gives great compliments, and is ever so polite to all of my friends. And he has the sexy latino accent!

Of course, he is also a wonderful lover. And gives fantastic massages for those tired dancer's limbs. Although he never gets tired himself!

I don't mind it when he dances with other girls since he always comes back to me (especially when we're dancing Rueda!). He's perfect in almost every way.

Almost every way. There's only one small problem with Antonio, which is the reason I dumped him in the first place. We had our first fight ever. I told him to "get real" and "be a man" and he said I was being "completely unrealistic" and "living in a dream world". We never really did sort things out but I'm willing to give it another go regardless. It may not work out.

But for now, me and Antonio are happy.


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