Thursday, November 09, 2006

The new flat

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here at all. In two weeks' time I will be moving flats. I've experienced the whole inner city apartment thing now, the pool, the gym, my car being vandalised multiple times, the neighbours' parties, etc etc etc. The whole flat dynamic was not really going all that well either. My flatmate was very much in charge and I guess that's fair enough if she wants to run it that way, but that's not how I want to live. Maybe she can find other flatmates who don't mind that at all, but I want to live in a place that feels like MY home again. And what with summer coming, I want to have a garden again! And some outdoor space.

I have found all that and more. Hilaire, you remember the day you moved in and we stayed up really late talking, and that was the point that we knew we were going to be great flatmates and friends? Well that's how I feel about the new flat and I haven't felt like that in ages! The new flatmates are as excited as I am.

There's Ian, a 27 year-old musician (not drums! he plays in a string quartet. how cultured!), Emily, a 22 year-old youth social worker who runs outdoor programs and also dances, and Mikkeline, a nearly 24 year-old flight attendant who is very cheerful and cool, albeit not home very often as she's on the international circuit. They're all either vegetarian or vegan.

They have a little vegetable garden and plans to expand (oh, I can help there!), a study where everyone's computers are hooked up to broadband (with plans to get wireless), HUGE living spaces, a lovely kitchen with gas cooking and yes I am in LOVE. The bedroom is smaller than my current room but there's plenty of storage etc in other parts of the house so I'll fit in fine!

It's in Dallington, which is one of the eastern suburbs, making it a part of town that I'm not overly familiar with as I'm a snobby west-side girl, but it's actually quite lovely. Tree-lined streets, middle class, seems to be a high propotion of owner occupancy as the houses and gardens all look well cared for. And it's not too far from town. Plus the rent's heaps cheaper!


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