Friday, November 03, 2006

The knitting needle jinx

I'm knitting Martha on 3mm needles. The only 3mm needles I had in my collection were metal, and I didn't think my wrists could handle knitting a whole cardigan on 3mm metal needles, so I went out and bought some plastic ones.

Then I took my knitting to Wellington, and managed to leave one of the needles there. The weather turned wintery so I abandoned Martha for a few days and finished the heels of the Baudelaire socks instead. After the weather warmed up again I went out one lunch time and bought a new pair of 3mm needles. Not wanting to carry them back to work only to carry them back to my car again, I left them in my car. MISTAKE.

It's only spring too - it's not as though it's all that warm!!


Anonymous crumpet said...

I love using metal needles. Occasionally I try others, but I just end up getting angry at them, then realise how stupid I'm being for feeling resentful toward a pair of inanimate objects, and it all becomes a vicious cycle ... :)

12:32 AM  

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