Monday, November 06, 2006


I started posting this this morning but then my flatmate disconnected me from the internet.

Does anyone know of a pattern for left and right socks? You know, shaped differently for left and right feet? My Dad's best friend has a lot of money and only wears left and right socks. I thought it would be nice if Dad had some custom made left and right socks, just to one-up him a bit! (since I can't afford a Porsche which is what he's asked for for Christmas - his friend has two).


Anonymous nicole said...

I have never heard of such a thing, yet I am not surprised it exists. I am very interested to see if someone comes up with a pattern.

2:55 PM  
Blogger The Skirt said...

How are the left and right socks different?

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Eclair said...

If you start with toe up socks (and start at the tip of the toes rather than a short row toe)then you can use a different rate of increase on the toe section - increase 1 stitch on every row (of the back and the front) on the left side of the left sock and 1 stitch every other row (for a steeper rate of increase) for the right side of the left sock (as you look down on them)

If you knit both socks at once on a magic loop then you might find it easier to visualize and to match the socks as they will be mirror images of themselves.

Does that make sense? It would be so much easier with a diagram!

3:29 AM  

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