Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So my weekly schedule at the moment looks something like this:

Monday: Dance practice
Tuesday: Me time (only negotiable if I can swap it with another night)
Wednesday: Teaching
Thursday: Dancing at the Hog (also dance class if I can be bothered)
Friday: Out dancing or something else if there's anything more interesting happening
Saturday: Dance practice and up until recently teacher training (thankgodthat'sover)
Sunday: REST!

Only last week I missed out on the me time on Tuesday because I was busy looking at flats. Then on Saturday I had my work bonding day, which was stressful and had been stressing me out for half of the week but I can't be bothered going into why right now.

So: no me time and only half a weekend. Combine that with various other stress factors like people getting grumpy at me for things that are not my fault, moving house, my computer not working properly, ex boyfriend being a dick, plans for this weekend not working out, not being able to find my bag of cds for my class tonight and worrying that I threw it out in a rather manic clean-up I had after work on Saturday, and of course work (kinda goes without saying) I guess it's no wonder I'm feeling a bit strung out.

I did finish a Baudelaire sock though. Although I'm not comfortable enough with sock knitting yet for that to be a relaxing exercise. And of course there's still a whole 'nother sock to go...

Someone tell me to pull myself together!

Oh, and by the way, Mainland Banner lost badly! But my other horse, It's Ella, came in third. Maybe I ought to get that Lotto ticket after all.


Anonymous nicole said...

Pull yourself together!

Where's the photo of your finished sock? Show us

6:54 AM  

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