Monday, November 13, 2006


Last week I won the office sweep for the Melbourne Cup. With $2 of my winnings I bought an instant kiwi (scratchie) ticket and won on that too, then bought another and won on that too (small prizes but good all the same!).

Now I just drew the favourite in the New Zealand Cup office sweep! If I win this I am definitely buying a Lotto ticket. C'mon Mainland Banner! You won last year so I know you can do it!

eta: my horoscope's also been telling me lucky money stars are on the way for weeks! I wish Crazy Aunt Purl had done horoscopes this month. Maybe she could have thrown some light on the love life as well because the other horoscope I read has been very strange on that. More or less accurate, but strange...

Oh well, me 'n Antonio are still good! (apart from that one small problem...)


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