Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stuff that makes me angry

This just sent to the manager of Lippy: (so, don't correct me on anything because I already sent it!)

To: The General Manager

Dear Sir/Madam (probably Sir, I'm sure. The company is owned by men)

A friend and I were shopping in your Riccarton store the other day, and we were both incredibly shocked to see an A4 size photo of Nicole Richie on a changing room door. The target market for your stores is teenage girls and women in their early 20s. Many girls in that age range do not have a very positive body image, and a store changing room is already a very emotionally loaded place. Placing such a photograph in your changing rooms gives these girls an unrealistic and unhealthy ideal to strive towards, as well as reinforcing all of the pressure and insecurity towards their bodies that the media already encourages.

I also imagine that it cannot possibly help you to sell clothes - surely pictures that make girls feel good about themselves are far more likely to encourage them to buy your products?

Is it your store policy to have pictures like that in changing rooms? If so it needs to be changed urgently. A chain of stores such as yours has a responsibility towards its customers not to reinforce ideals of beauty that must be unattainable and very unhealthy for young, developing women to strive towards.



I very much hope they write back. Or my next letter is going to the local paper.

In other ragey-ness, ex-flatmate has not paid my bond back yet. Cow. If I don't get it back soon she's getting a shitty letter from the firm though. The bonus of working in a law firm, especially one as close-knit as mine, is we definitely stick up for each other here!


Anonymous Matt said...

Mmm, work stationery!

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Nicole Richie? I think you should take a photo of this poster so I can better understand what you mean. No, steal the poster and send it to me :)

And I like the way you can deal with your former flatmate :)


1:21 AM  

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