Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Someone please remind me to post some pictures tonight!

Anyway, maybe it's because the year is drawing to a close, and I'm leaving this place to go on holiday for three! whole! weeks!

Ahem. As I was about to say, I really love working where I do. I work in a building right in the centre of Christchurch, in Cathedral Square, the city's focal point. But even though I'm in the middle of a (fairly) sizeable city, much of the time it feels like a village. You see the same people every day in the building, you know them by name, and whether you get a burger or a souvlaki or a bagel for lunch the person behind the counter will always smile and pass the time of day with you. If you want to eat your lunch outside on the grass you can always find someone you know to eat with. If you want to have lunch with the Mayor or various other local identities the best place to people-watch is right across the road at the aforementioned bagel place.

If you want to see a real Wizard or get shouted at by fire and brimstone Christians I know a nice shady spot to sit and listen. You can also see the Town Crier making his daily rounds and ringing his bell.

There's always something interesting going on outside the window, from bands playing to market days, to Buddha's birthday (celebrated on the Cathedral steps!), the Festival of Flowers and Romance, the Armistice Day Parade, the giant Christmas tree, and countless other festivals and occasions (I don't actually know what they all are, I just see them out the window).

Y'know, it may not be Stars Hollow, but it's not half bad here.


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