Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Travel plans

Christchurch-Auckland Saturday May 12 at 14:50

Auckland-LA Saturday 12 May 17:55 (arriving at 10:45 - I love time travel!)

LA - NY Saturday 12 May 13:15 arriving at 21:45

2 weeks in NY!
I was also thinking of taking a side trip to Washington. Taina - you go all the time - how much does the bus cost, how long does it take and where's a good (cheap) place to stay? Rebecca, same questions!

NY - London Saturday 26 May arriving Sunday 27 May at 06:25

Hellooooo London!

(no return ticket)

Also, my shiny red passport arrived yesterday!


Anonymous eclair.eclair@gmail.com said...

Wow! I LOVE it when the flight details come through and you hold the ticket in your sweaty mitt (damn those e-tickets, they take all the romance out of air travel)- it's all SO exciting!

Don't forget to take notes of any medical stuff you might need in the future - especially specialist stuff, it takes them forever to request medical information from overseas. Also, dental records (unlikely to be free dental in UK) as it will save you a fortune on getting re-x-rayed should you need to. Oh, and job references from past employers with contact details...

Sorry, I'm being a bit bossy, aren't I!?

Do you know where you are heading yet? Where will you go, what will you do?

I just love an adventure and I'm so envious that you're about to have one!

2:25 PM  

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