Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter eggs are WRONG

Perhaps a controversial attitude to take at this time of year, but...

My office tends to go Easter egg crazy. This morning I got to work and there were four tiny little eggs on my desk, then a chocolate bunny appeared, then a bag full of eggs, and just as I was typing this someone came in and offered me some rocky road-type confection.

Anyway, it's getting to that peckish time of the afternoon and I was feeling like a little chocolate. So I unwrapped and bit into one of the little eggs I got this morning. I just about choked. It tasted like a combination of chalk and wax, with no detectable chocolate content. Luckily I had some emergency chocolate in my desk, so I spat out the inedible muck and quickly administered an antidote ("emergency chocolate" is anything above 55% cocoa mass, preferably 70% or more or in today's case - thank goodness - Lindt 85%. It must be kept in desk drawers in case of situations such as this, or for when clients yell at me)

But it got me thinking - why is it that Easter eggs are so foul compared with normal chocolate? Why do the chocolate companies think they can cheat us at this time of year by selling us stuff with minimal chocolate content? Why doesn't New Zealand have laws about what you can call chocolate, for that matter! (I know Europe does, and they have laws about what you can call yoghurt and cheese that wouldn't go amiss here either) Mind you, if something merely says "Easter egg" on the wrapper I guess it isn't making any assertions as to its ingredients.

But honestly! I still have a drawer full of so-called "chocolate" from last Easter that I haven't eaten. What am I meant to do with this year's haul?


Anonymous crumpet said...

Mr C and I had a fun competition the other night to see who could find the Most Wrong Easter Egg in the supermarket... and that didn't even go into the quality of the chocolate...

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Eclair said...

Re-gift it!

Life is too short to eat bad chocolate. Thank goodness I live five minutes away from Makana!

5:45 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Oh, there's a recipe for leftover Easter candy floatng around - try

1:22 PM  

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