Saturday, July 15, 2006

Future knits

I think I found something to do with my green Cashmerino:It's the Dolman Updated, a free pattern on the Interweave website. Nice and casual, but interesting construction. It's done in four pieces - left front and half sleeve, right front and half sleeve, and the same on the back - and then sewn up with the inside out seams you can see in the picture. I rather like it. After my success with the Cabled Hoodie (which I almost never take off) I'm all about the warm wooly sweaters!

HOWEVER I am also really looking forward to spring. There are a lot of quick, summery knits I want to make. Here's the latest:

It's Wendy's latest pattern, Sizzle. It's made in a silk blend available at kpixie, so it may be the excuse I need to put in a big order with the girls there! Especially as their latest email says that they will soon be stocking Japanese craft magazines - oooooooh!

(confession time: I won a Zakka book on eBay the other day.... naughty Sarah! I've managed not to buy any yarn for a while, apart from some I bought to make booties with a few weeks back. Books on the other hand.... I've also bought Debbie Bliss's Baby Knits quite recently, but lent it to a coworker right after I bought it as it actually works as a great learn to knit book. She's working her way through the book, cover to cover, and is currently making the garter stitch blanket)

Soooo many other things I want to knit, but they can wait for another post!


Blogger Manda said...

Visiting via SKC! :)
I love the Sizzle pattern as well! It's on my to-knit list, but I don't know when I"ll ever get around to it!
happy knitting.

4:27 PM  

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