Tuesday, June 20, 2006

sneaky post from work

I just had to open a new packet of paperclips. Now, I don't know about you, but if paperclips had just been invented and I had the money to invest in that kind of thing, I would have passed up on paperclips. The things are re-usable! Theoretically, once the world reached paperclip saturation point, there would be no demand for new paperclips. When I send paperclips out into the world, I expect to get an equal number of paperclips back. I call it the Theory of the Worldwide Chain of Paperclips.

Yet here I am, opening a new packet of paperclips. Somewhere down the chain someone is throwing paperclips out, I tell you! And my Theory has been completely debunked. I feel let down.

Now that I have your trust, here is my investment tip of the day: vegetables! Now that you can put them in a car to make it go vroooom, the prices are going way up! Soon we won't be able to eat, but at least we'll still have motorised transport.


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