Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yummiest dinner ever!

So after Friday's excesses (if you don't know, then you're the only person in the world I didn't send a drunken email to) I am determined to start treating myself well again! I spent $60 at the supermarket today on fruit, vegetables, tofu, feta cheese and berry juice (the kind that's good for you, with no added sugar etc). The goal is to eat it all by the end of the week, which means NO EATING OUT! I will cook every night and take leftovers for lunch every day.

Tonight's masterpiece of healthy eating is this:

Green tea noodles with snow peas and agedashi tofu. And I made it! It's not from a restaurant! Doesn't it look authentic? Ish, I know the Japanese are waaaay better than me when it comes to presentation. It tasted soooooo good. There's more for lunch tomorrow and some tofu in the fridge for snacking on at some stage.

ETA: to hold me to my pact, I think I'll try and post piccies of my dinner every night this week!


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