Sunday, August 13, 2006

What a day!

So I came home from four hours straight of dancing, and my flatmate (the blonde one - I think that's how I'll differentiate my flatmates as they both have the same initials, however one has blonde hair, one dark brown, and I have red hair. And we're all stunningly beautiful and intelligent and funny, and often walk around the apartment in our underwear - that last bit was for the benefit of the two guys who read my blog - hi Matt and Marcel! Oh and Marcel, if you read back a few posts you will find out who my good buddies Rory and Lorelai are)

Anyway, The Blonde walks in and says "oh my God, so I was in the bathroom before and when I came out I closed the door quite hard and then I hear this little click behind me and I thought 'oh, you're SHITTING me!' now the door's locked and we can't get into the bathroom! I've texted The Brunette to call the property manager but I haven't heard back!" And then she disappeared off to her boyfriend's, where there is a shower.

Now, this is not what The Redhead wanted to hear after four hours of dancing, let me tell you. There was a little hole in the lock and I tried poking a chopstick in it, and then a bent paperclip, and a pair of nail scissors. I attempted to unscrew the door handle/lock mechanism with the screwdriver attachment ofmy cordless drill (I stuck that in there just so's you don't think I'm a completely hopeless female with no tools to call my own). After about 30 seconds I gave up and called my brother - "help, can you come over, the bathroom door's locked and I can't get in and I can't go to the toilet or shower or brush my teeth and I smell and all my makeup's in there, please??" Very Modern Woman of me, I know. And very whiny, but after two days of salsa dancing I'm all out of perky.

Anyway, a quick wrist flick with a screwdriver and he had the door open. Hooray for brothers. He also gave me a sexy, sexy little jeweller's screwdriver should the problem ever occur again!

The Secret Knitting continues apace. I would have the body finished, but for some ill-advised late-night knitting and the complete absence of any counting skills on my part. Rrrrrip!


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