Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I can see the vague outline of the sun through the clouds - there's even a bit of natural light coming into my office! It's amazing what a little bit of Vit D can do.

It has been raining for three days, nonstop. I live up in a gable and when it rains it's very loud on the roof and on the skylight right above my head and I don't sleep very well. I get those weird dreams that seem really real and when you wake up you can't figure out if they really happened or not. And I get grumpy because of the lack of sleep and the lack of sun.

One good thing about winter, however, is that winter means sweaters! I'm going to set myself a challenge - I have until the end of winter to knit one more sweater. I'm pondering keeping it a secret, so there may not be any pictures up for about three weeks! I cast on last night, and tonight I'm going to go and get out season 2 of the Gilmore Girls (um, I watched the entire season 1 over the weekend) and spend the evening knitting and watching.

Sometimes it's hard being all alone, especially when work's tough and home is not really home but a shoebox that you share with two other people and their habits and quirks and boyfriends. But at least I have Lorelai and Rory to keep me company!


Anonymous nicole said...

Given your professed love of natural colored cables and the photos of Lorilei & Rory, I am predicting that you are knitting Starsky.

4:04 PM  

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